Getting started with your book: clarity calls and coaching for business owners

Got a brilliant idea for a business book – and a head full of questions?! I’m here to help

“I want to write a business book, but how do I get started?”

You have a book in you – and it’s itching to get out!”

But you have so many questions!

How do you self-publish on Amazon? How do you get into a writing routine? Is your idea even good enough? What about editing and proofreading? What are beta readers and why do you need them? How do you fit writing a book around your busy career? Do you need an ISBN? What about cover design? How do you create a buzz around your book once it’s out there in the world?


Where do you even start?!

How about talking to a business owner who’s been through the process – twice! – and has two award-winning, bestselling books to show for it?

Someone who can provide clarity, accountability and a clear outline of the process, as well as unravelling the ideas in your head!

Let’s start with why writing a brilliant business book is a great idea…

Why write a business book?

Writing a book can transform your business. I know – because it happened to me.

I self-published my first book, Survival Skills for Freelancers, after 20 years as a freelance copywriter and editor.

I built a buzz around the launch and it paid off. You couldn’t set foot on social media during launch week without tripping over posts sharing five-star reviews and images of the book.

People loved it, and still do.

I quickly found myself in demand to deliver high-profile talks, to share my experiences on podcasts (I’ve guested on over 60) and to be interviewed for publications – including Forbes! (You’ll find them here.)

Done well, a business book can position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Done badly, the process of writing a business book is an expensive waste of time.

How do you avoid adding to the mountain of mediocre business books out there?

I’m here to help.

Need advice and clarity to kick-start the book-writing process?

If you’re serious about writing a brilliant book and want a clear idea of your next steps, start by booking a business book clarity call.

This 60-minute, one-to-one, online session costs just £150 and is your chance to borrow the brain of an award-winning, bestselling business book author (ie, me!).

Think of the time you’ll save on researching the wrong idea, or deep-diving into the process of self-publishing – and the clarity you’ll get as a result!

The business book clarity call includes:

  • Valuable feedback on your initial idea
  • 60 minutes to ask your burning questions about the self-publishing process
  • Hours of time saved as a result!
  • Advice on getting into a regular writing routine
  • Support and encouragement from the author of two award-winning, bestselling business books
  • Clear next steps to get you started

Clarity calls are designed to kick-start your book-writing journey. Choose a time that suits you, pay upfront and you’re good to go.

(You’re welcome to book ad-hoc sessions whenever you need a sounding board to help you self-publish!)

Want ongoing support to guide you through the book-writing process?

If you’ve got a brilliant idea for a book but no idea how to get it out there, I can help. For £850, my author supercharge pack is designed to provide clarity, support and accountability throughout the publishing process.

Get practical advice and encouragement from someone who’s been through the self-publishing process – and has two bestselling, award-winning books to show for it.

I’ll keep you accountable, provide clarity, support and encouragement and answer your questions about the self-publishing process and beyond.

The author supercharge pack includes:

  • Six 60-minute, one-to-one, online sessions 
  • Practical advice from a multi-award-winning author of two Amazon bestsellers
  • Answers to your self-publishing questions to save you time and research
  • Motivation and accountability to keep you on task
  • Editorial guidance from a professional writer
  • Clear next steps to keep you focused at every stage of the process

The author supercharge pack is payable upfront and can be booked and taken any time within a six-month period.

What my clients say...

“Sarah has magical book powers!

We spoke earlier this year when I was feeling a lot of clarity about my book concept, but a lot of uncertainty about the format and the details.

Sarah was able to help untangle my thoughts and was a brilliant sounding board.

I don’t think she could quite believe how much progress I had made the next time we spoke!”

Jessica Fearnley
Seven-Figure Consultant Ltd

My book journey

I’m the author of two self-published bestsellers:

Survival Skills for Freelancers

My bestselling guide to self-employment hit #1 in four Amazon categories on launch and has since helped small biz owners in 28 countries grow in confidence and achieve their definition of success.

Survival Skills for Freelancers has 440+ Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.8.

The Little Book of Confusables

My essential, fun guide to confusing words hit #1 in eight Amazon categories and has sold in 22 countries since August 2022.

The Little Book of Confusables won GOLD in the 2023 eLit book awards and DISTINGUISHED FAVOURITE in the 2023 NYC Big Book awards.

It has 140+ Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.9.

Ready to supercharge your book creation journey, like Jessica?

Whether you start with a business book clarity call or jump right in with the author supercharge pack, let’s get that book in print and working for you!