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The essential guide to self-employment, Survival Skills for Freelancers shares an honest, warm and realistic view of self-employment, to help you rock the socks off freelance life.

Crammed with personal anecdotes, practical advice and tales from the freelance community, it busts the myths about being your own boss, to help you survive and thrive as a freelancer with less stress and burnout.

Survival Skills for Freelancers is an invaluable book for all freelancers. Whether you’re starting out or have years of experience, buy this book!

Ed Goodman, Founder, Freelance Heroes

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There are 2 million freelancers in the UK alone. Yet 20% of self-employed businesses don’t make it through the first year, and 60% don’t survive beyond five years. Those are scary stats!

Being your own boss can be great – but it can be tough, too! What do you charge? When do you say no? What about boundaries? And how do you tackle the isolation and self-doubt that come with working alone? This book is your secret weapon to help you ace self-employment.

With its honest and realistic view of self-employment, Survival Skills for Freelancers is designed to help you rock the socks off freelance life.

Since its launch in June 2020, this bestselling book hasn’t just helped small businesses – it’s saved small businesses. You only have to read some of the many five-star reviews to find out why.

What’s included?

Survival Skills for Freelancers covers issues such as:

  • the fundamentals of freelancing
  • three strategies to deal with isolation
  • knowing your worth – and what to charge
  • trusting your instinct, and learning to say no
  • achieving balance and avoiding burnout
  • the importance of investing in your business
  • the qualities that help you survive and thrive as a freelancer

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About the Author

Sarah Townsend Editorial profile pic

Hello – I’m Sarah Townsend. I’ve spent the past 20 years as a freelance marketing copywriter. I built a successful freelance career with very little guidance – but you don’t have to.

In Survival Skills for Freelancers I share the secrets and surprises I’ve learnt from self-employment: both the things that worked and the things that didn’t.

I guide you through the highs and lows all freelancers face – from isolation, uncertainty and self-doubt to knowing what to charge, when to ask for help, and when to say no.

My tried and tested strategies are based on my own experience, backed up by research, resources and quotes from the freelance community.

What people are saying...

  • Valuable tips, tricks and strategies you can apply to your start-up, side hustle, or business, plus personal stories and advice from other business owners. I loved it!

    Abigail Barnes, Author, Time Management for Entrepreneurs
  • I’ve been freelancing for over 15 years and wish I’d read this book on day one. Every page is packed with practical advice and hard-won wisdom. Get it!

    Tom Albrighton, Author, Copywriting Made Simple
  • A brilliantly relatable and comprehensive guide that holds your hand
    with compassion and humour through the rocky yet undeniably exciting
    world of self-employment.

    Louise Goss, Founder, The Homeworker
  • A warm, practical and empathetic guide to the challenges of being your own boss. I could have done with this before embarking on a decade as a self-employed reporter and presenter!

    Ed Draper, Sky Sports Broadcaster
  • Survival Skills for Freelancers beautifully balances the pros, cons and realities of running your own business, and helps you prepare for freelance life.

    Before you take the leap into self-employment, spend your first few pounds on this book. It’ll make every subsequent pound and hour better spent.

    Matthew Knight, Founder, Leapers
  • I wish I’d had this book when I started freelancing, that’s for sure! Crammed full of essential advice from starting, running and growing your business to dealing with the less talked about side, this is a must read for new freelancers and a reassuring read for those who have been at it a while.

    Steve Folland, Founder, Being Freelance
  • Survival Skills for Freelancers provides advice and guidance on managing your own wellbeing, mental health and avoiding burnout – topics that are all too often overlooked in business books.

    Simon Blake OBE, CEO of Mental Health First Aid England
  • Each page guides you through everything you need to know when starting out. It’s so easy to read, digest and understand with quotes from people who’ve been there and got the T-shirt so you’re informed and reassured throughout.

    Vikki Ross, Founder, Copywriters Unite

Where can I buy it?

Survival Skills for Freelancers is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. It launched on 18 June 2020, to celebrate National Freelancers’ Day, and will soon be available on Audible.

Survival Skills for Freelancers is your essential guide to self-employment. As seen in Forbes, the Amazon #1 bestseller has been described as “indispensable”, “absolute gold”, “a pocket business coach”, “warm wisdom”, “unputdownable” and “an instant gem”.

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