DocuMagic: detangling your disastrous documents and revealing the potential in your marketing

Your half-finished drafts, underperforming documents and bland landing pages are leaving money on the table.

You’re a busy business owner with ambitions to change the world for the better.

You know your subject. You know your business. Everything you want your clients to know is inside you – so why won’t the words come out in the right order?!

You’ve spent weeks trying to clarify your message but it’s Just. Not. Happening.


Or perhaps you’re a busy marketing manager.

With a messy doc, a growing to-do list and a deadline looming, you need help you can rely on.

You have the skills. You have the experience. You just don’t have the time!

When your words shine, your business thrives

In my 20+ years as a freelance copywriter and editor there’s one question my clients ask again and again:

“Can you work your magic on this document?”

The answer is a big fat YES. I call it DocuMagic.

“We’re incredibly busy delivering services for our clients and none of us specialise in marketing. Our content can be complex and highly IT technical, but Sarah knows how to transform our documents into powerful, punchy prose that anyone can understand.”

Conrad Murray, Director, Nero Blanco IT Limited

Busy business owners and marketing managers rely on me to:

  • Inject power, personality and polish into outdated, underperforming web copy.
  • Detangle dull drafts and disastrous documents so the message shines through.
  • Add consistency and clarity to the strategic report that was written by five different people.
  • Breathe life into stale marketing copy, crafting words that work like magic to build trust, attract more clients and increase sales.
  • Transform chaotic copy and complex ideas into clear, concise copy that converts.
  • Make them look their best in that speech or article for the industry press.

Would you attempt to fix your own toothache? No. You’d go to a dentist.

Stop wasting time and energy trying to fix your own copy – and come to a professional.

Why choose me to transform your marketing copy?

To find out why my clients love working with me, you could check out the 60+ five-star reviews on Google, or the 120+ on LinkedIn.

You might like to know that I’ve transformed thousands of documents for hundreds of clients over the past 30 years.

Or perhaps you’ll take it from Louise when she says my skills are transformational. (You heard it here first.)

“Sarah’s editorial skills are transformational. She turns complex and messy content into sparkling words that get results. She worked her magic on a vital strategy document, clearly communicating a number of complicated ideas in a clear and concise way. The CEO was delighted, and the strategy was very well received by our target audiences.”

Louise Kavanagh, External Communications Lead, Renaisi

How it works

DocuMagic is the more affordable way to work with me. It’s a great alternative to copywriting when you need a web copy refresh, or to breathe life into stale marketing copy. 

  1. Start by sending me your document, draft or a link to your website.
  2. I’ll send you a price to work my DocuMagic.
  3. If you’re happy with the price, I’ll send you an invoice for 50% deposit.
  4. You pay the invoice – I book you in and get started with the transformation!

Alternatively, ask me about getting 10 hours of DocuMagic transformation and support each month, from £840.

What’s included?

  • Powerful, persuasive, clear and concise copy that puts your core message in the spotlight.
  • A strong call to action to encourage readers to hire your service, buy your products or book your event.
  • No fluff, no filler, no repetition… and no errors!
  • A consistent tone of voice – no matter how many people wrote your draft!
  • A clear structure and flow to help readers find the information they need.
  • Added sparkle and personality to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • SEO keywords seamlessly built in (no keyword stuffing here).

Who I work with

  • Ambitious founders and owners of purpose-led businesses who don’t have time to worry about words.
  • Charities and organisations that need powerful, persuasive words to help them make a difference in the world.
  • Busy marketing managers and professionals who need an extra pair of hands and a can-do attitude to help them meet deadlines and smash targets.

Why not join them – and make your words one less thing to worry about!

Get in touch

Tired of your marketing messages falling flat? Ready to discover the power of DocuMagic? Get in touch for a price to elevate your dull draft, disastrous document or underperforming website from blah blah to TA-DA!