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BESIDE vs BESIDES: simple tips to help you remember the difference

The words BESIDE and BESIDES are easy to confuse because they look similar, but their meanings are different. Read on to learn the difference between these commonly confused words.

Here are my simple tips to remember the difference between BESIDE and BESIDES.

When to use BESIDE

BESIDE is a preposition used to describe where something is. It means ‘next to’ or ‘alongside’.

You can use BESIDE in a sentence like this:

“I sat BESIDE my brother on the bus.”


“The glasses are in the cupboard BESIDE the mugs.”

When to use BESIDES

As a preposition, BESIDES means ‘apart from’ or ‘as well as’. As an adverb, it means ‘in addition’ or ‘as well’.

To help you remember the difference, think of the two Ss in aS well aS to remember that BESIDES has two Ss. 

As a preposition, you can use BESIDES in a sentence like this:

“I wear no jewellery BESIDES this necklace.”


BESIDES my sister, I have no other siblings.”

As an adverb, you can use BESIDES in a sentence like this:“She was talented in music, and a lot more BESIDES.”

Here’s an example of BESIDE and BESIDES in use:

“I sat BESIDE Kamal at the networking dinner today.”

“Oh really? Who else was there BESIDES Kamal?”

Pro tip

Wondering how to write the common expression used to say something is irrelevant?

It’s always ‘BESIDE the point’ – never ‘BESIDES the point’.

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Confusables: BESIDE and BESIDES. Simple spelling tips to remember the difference, from The Little Book of Confusables

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