Hoard and horde: spelling tips to remember the difference

HOARD and HORDE: which is which? Learn the difference between these identical-sounding words.

HOARD and HORDE are easy to confuse. The fact that the two words sound the same – they’re homophones – means people commonly mix them up.

Here, I outline the difference between HOARD and HORDE.

When to use hoard

HOARD is a verb meaning to never throw anything away.

For example:

“I love to hoard old magazines.”

When to use horde

HORDE is a noun, meaning a crowd of people. It’s often used by the tabloid press in a negative way. It’s a little tenuous, but you can use this knowledge to remember which spelling you need, if you think of the word ordeal:

For example:

“She was chased out of the building by a horde of angry people. It was quite an ordeal.”

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Hoard vs horde: top tips to remember the difference

Hoard vs horde: top tips to remember the difference