Survivial Skills for Freelancers

Crafting compelling copy for a success training company

The client: The Business Kitchen, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The Business Kitchen organise and provide a series of training courses, workshops and events to help Gloucestershire businesses become more successful.

The need

The Business Kitchen produce a vast range of communication and marketing materials to promote their courses and events, from website copy, emails and press releases to social media campaigns and exhibition copy.

As well as lacking a consistent tone of voice and a strong sales message, their copy often contained errors and inaccuracies. They needed help to raise awareness of the Business Kitchen and to promote the benefits of their training and events.

The solution

The Business Kitchen recognise that powerful, compelling copy is an effective way of growing their customer base and boosting their brand. Each month brings new copywriting challenges and documents to edit, and I ensure these are always persuasive, accurate and on message.

Employing me to write and edit their copy frees up time for Gill and Nigel to focus on growing the business. I have been involved in developing social media campaigns and even naming new concepts – I really feel like part of the team.

In the client’s words…

“We have been working with Sarah over the past 12 months to polish our messaging and the words we use in our communications and marketing materials. She has made a significant difference to the quality of our copy. She is extremely professional, has great use of language and is often able to turn things round quickly when needed.

“We would highly recommend her to other small business owners that want to make sure the written word is an asset to their business in whatever medium.”

Gill Smith, Co-Founder, The Business Kitchen