Website and case study copywriting for an IT company

The client: Nero Blanco

Established in 2012 – and with over 50 years of combined experience – Nero Blanco plan and implement complex IT migration projects for global brands such as Wunderman Thompson, HSBC, Ernst & Young, Water Aid and RNIB.

Large enough to work with some of the most well-known companies around the globe, yet agile enough to provide a personal and highly efficient service, the team have created a reputation for doing IT differently. Their work enables organisations to experience the benefits of being a unified business with none of the pain, downtime and disruption.

The need

The Nero Blanco team are serious experts. There’s nothing they don’t know about IT migrations. Like any knowledgeable team, they’re highly technical – and so writing concisely and clearly about what they do and who they do it for was a struggle.

Nero Blanco’s marketing – including their previous website – went into extreme technical detail about their services and how they delivered value.

What was missing was empathy and understanding of the problems their clients faced, and a reassuring, knowledgeable tone that would encourage organisations to put their trust in the team.

The solution

Recognising that marketing isn’t their core strength, they decided to seek help from a copywriter who could grasp their technical story and turn it into compelling and engaging copy that even non-technical clients could instantly understand and relate to.

Having not worked with a professional copywriter before, the team decided to test the process with some clear, concise descriptions of the services they offer.

One of the founding directors, Conrad Murray, came across my website after a Google search for a grammar issue that was covered by my blog.

After finding the answer to his question, Conrad read more of my website and instantly felt he’d found the right person for the job. He booked an initial video chat so that I could meet him and his team.

I came off the call convinced I would enjoy working with Nero Blanco, and quickly booked in the first few service summaries we’d spoken about. Working from highly technical background information, I created a clear structure and a new tone of voice that reflected the personality of the business.

Once these were approved, I moved on to writing case studies that would showcase Nero Blanco’s work with some of their high-profile clients.

Next in line was their website. I introduced Conrad and the team to one of my trusted designers who got to work on the look and feel of the site. Once the structure was in place, I wrote the copy to fit the approved layout, with the service sheets I’d already written forming a strong starting point for the project.

The results

The result is a website that clearly positions Nero Blanco as the number one choice for even the most complex IT migrations. It captures the essence of the business using a clear, compelling and consistent tone and builds trust and confidence in the experience and skills that make them stand out from the competition.

I’ll update this with some concrete results when we have them.

My work with Nero Blanco is a great example of how investment in professional copywriting can provide strength and clarity to a brand’s messaging and attract the high-profile clients that will help them take their business to the next level.

Just as Nero Blanco are a safe pair of hands for their clients’ IT, I’m a safe pair of hands for their marketing. Our ongoing collaboration frees them up to focus on the work they love – the reason the business was established in the first place – without the distraction of ongoing marketing.

In the client’s words…

“What a pro! Sarah is what we had been looking for for a few years now in our business.

Sarah provides invaluable marketing support for our business. We’re incredibly busy delivering services for our clients and none of us specialise in marketing. Our content can be complex and highly IT technical, but Sarah knows how to transform our documents into powerful, punchy prose that anyone can understand.

Sarah overhauled the content for three websites that have converted hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of income for our business. She interviews our clients and writes case studies that help us attract new clients, and regularly works her magic on everything from marketing emails to slide decks. I highly recommend her.”

Conrad Murray, Director

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