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Imply or infer: do you know the difference?

IMPLY or INFER: tips and tricks to remember the difference

IMPLY and INFER are easy to confuse – especially if you’re new to the English language. But these two words are actually opposites.

Here’s a simple tip to remember the difference between IMPLY and INFER.

IMPLY is a verb that means to hint at something.

IMPLYING is done by the speaker. It relates to giving information.

“Are you IMPLYING that I lied?”

INFER is a verb that means to make an educated guess from the information presented to you.

INFERRING is done by the listener. It relates to taking information.

“From what you’ve said, I INFER that it wasn’t the first time this had happened?”

Imply vs infer: do you know the difference?

Imply vs infer: do you know the difference?

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