Balmy vs barmy: simple tips to remember the difference

BALMY vs BARMY: which is which? Top tips to remember the difference.

BALMY and BARMY – these soundalike words (also known as homophones) are easy to confuse.

And there’s a big difference between a BALMY (warm) summer’s day and a BARMY (crazy) summer’s day!

Here are my simple spelling tips to remember the difference between BALMY and BARMY.

BALMY is an adjective (a describing word) that means pleasantly warm. If you’re tempted to confuse it with think L for lovely weather.

“It’s a beautiful BALMY summer day.”

BARMY is a colloquial or informal expression for mad or crazy.

“It’s all too much – I’ve finally gone BARMY!”

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Confusables: balmy vs barmy

Confusables: BALMY vs BARMY. Simple spelling tips to remember the difference, from UK copywriter, Sarah Townsend Editorial