Little Book of Confusables

Accept or except: do you know the difference?

ACCEPT vs EXCEPT – simple tips to remember the difference

ACCEPT and EXCEPT are easy to confuse.

They may sound the same but they have different meanings… and I have a simple tip to remember the difference between them.

ACCEPT means to acknowledge, or agree to receive.

To remember this, think of the AC of ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE.

EXCEPT means apart from, or excluding.

Think of the EX of EXCEPT and EXCLUDING.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll stop making this common mistake in no time.

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Confusables: BARE vs BEAR. Simple spelling tips to remember the difference, from The Little Book of Confusables

ACCEPT vs EXCEPT. Excerpt from The Little Book of Confusables by Sarah Townsend.

The Little Book of Confusables by Sarah Townsend

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