There vs their vs they’re: top tips to help you get it right

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Using the wrong there/their/they’re is a common mistake – here are some simple tips to make sure you get it right.

In a nutshell, if the word means ‘belonging to them’ use their. If you can replace the word with ‘they are’ use they’re. Otherwise, use there.


It’s ‘here’ with a T: think here and there.


Did I leave my phone here? No, it’s over there.


Used to indicate that a noun (thing) belongs to them.


That’s their house. 


The apostrophe reminds you that ‘they’re’ is a contraction of two words: they are. Think of they’re as they are and you’ll know if your sentence makes sense.


Look at the statue over they are: no – should be there

The boys are taking they are cars: no – should be their

They are here already: yes – they’re here already

ADVANCED – if you’re already confused, you might want to skip this.

Remember, there’s means there IS. Don’t write there’s when you mean there ARE.


There’s lots to do here – *applause*

There’s lots of cars in the car park – quack quack oops

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