Hardworking copy doesn’t have to be hard work

Hardworking words get your business noticed – improving your reputation, growing your customer base, and increasing sales.

The opposite is also true. Mistakes, jargon and confused copy can harm your business – damaging your brand, losing you clients and sales, and costing you money.

The right words can captivate, convince and convert. The wrong words can be catastrophic.

Clever copy and catchy content help you stand out from the crowd, and give you a competitive edge. Professional freelance copywriting, copy editing and proofreading can do all this, and more.

Make your words work harder

I can inject flair, polish and accuracy into your copy, transforming complex information or a confusing message into concise, compelling, sparkling words that convince your customers and win more business.

I adapt my writing style to suit your target audience, always maintaining a simplicity that gets the point across effectively. I’ll work within your house style if you have one, or offer to develop one for you, if not.

Not sure where to begin? Let me help

Perhaps you recognise that you need help but you’re not sure where to start. As well as providing a free initial consultation, I offer a critiquing service, in which I assess your website, marketing collateral and/or social media accounts and provide a number of constructive suggestions and steps for improvement.

Whatever you want from your communication, it’s easier to achieve your marketing objectives when your words are working hard for you.

Find out why you should choose me, or get in touch.